We have many years’ experience in projects large and small. Our extensive specialist knowledge is on hand to advise on any requirements you have, and to make any of your garden dreams come true.

Our services cover all aspects of landscaping and garden design including driveways, maintenance and fencing. If you’ve got a project in mind, get in touch for a chat.

Top soiling:

A beautiful, thick lawn requires healthy soil for a base. However, we understand that it can be difficult to make changes to the soil once grass is established, such as working organic matter into the soil through digging or toiling. If carried out properly, top soiling can dramatically improve the condition of the soil without killing any existing turf.

  • Improve drainage and drought-resistance
  • Even out terrain
  • Reduce the need for supplemental fertilisers
  • Transform your lawn into organic, low-maintenance, healthy turf

Build: A hard wearing driveway takes time to build, because it’ll last for decades.


Resin Bound Driveways: We’re proud to be the only company in the area able to provide resin bonding, or resin bound driveways. Resin-bound paving is a fully permeable paving solution which allows water to freely drain through the surface. Meeting the requirements of Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) standards, this helps to prevent standing water and largely eliminates surface water runoff.

Gravel & Shingle Driveways: A traditional style of driveway, we specialise in gravel and shingle based driveway installations. These can result in a beautiful look to your drive. 

Block Paving, Crazy Paving, Slab & Natural Stone Drives: Easy to clean and easy to maintain, these popular types of drive have stood the test of time. Our many years of experience installing and repairing these types of driveway means we’re well equipped to help with any project you require.

Stencil Design: Stencil driveway design has revolutionised the driveway industry, with premium finishes and bespoke driveway designs becoming achievable for all budgets and timescales.

Stencil driveways created in intricate designs bring incredible effects to a property, turning an unassuming driveway into a highly sought after feature of the building.

Stencils allow you to have the beautiful effects of natural stone finishes like Sandstone and Granite Sets whilst offering superior strength and versatility.


Strimming, grass cutting and treatments: We understand that a well manicured lawn, as well as being aesthetically pleasing is also imperative for garden parties, outdoor play space for children and for lazy afternoons in the garden. Sweet Lily can take care of all your lawn maintenance. Our gardeners have a keen eye for detail and soon take care of lawn spots, weeds, uneven terrain and poor drainage. You can expect crisp edges, clean mow-lines and tidy workmanship whatever the weather!

  • Lawn care
  • Weed removal
  • Lawn spot recovery
  • Re-seeding
  • Garden advice

Hedge cutting and pruning: Topiary, roses, borders, fruit trees… Sweet Lily understands how much hard work goes it takes to get the best from a garden. Our expert gardeners know how, when and where to cut and prune to encourage the best growth from a plant. We can also work with you to introduce some artistic and creative pruning to enhance your outdoor space.

Gutter clearance: The job that no one likes to do… except us! Using our specialist equipment Sweet Lily can quickly and easily work out where the blockages are and get it clear in no time.

  • General gutter clearing
  • Blockage removal
  • Gutter repair
  • Removal of cobwebs and general grubby build ups

Site clearance: We understand that sometimes all your garden needs is a bit of a clear up. We can get rid of all sorts of mess for you – anything from a few pots in a garden shed to clearing up after major works! Let Sweet Lily take care of the rubbish for you!

  • Dangerous waste disposal
  • Removal of bulky items
  • Removal of organic waste

Irrigation: We aim to intall watering systems that will take care of your garden and take the pressure off you

  • Servicing and repair
  • Training
  • Advice from friendly engineers

Pesticide: Are you bugged by bugs?

  • Prevention
  • Extermination
  • Treatments
  • Emergency control

Fencing: Whatever type of fence you require we can take care of the whole process – design, preparation, materials and erection. We can provide assistance with temporary fencing to ensure the safety of children or animals or security of your property while works are being carried out.

  • Post and rail
  • Closeboard
  • Dog-proof fences
  • Trellis
  • Panel fencing
  • Stake and rail
  • Electric fencing