Sweet Lily was founded by James in 2014. James recognised the need for a landscaping firm which put trust and client satisfaction at its heart so he put together a team of highly trained, professional and polite staff to help him make his vision a reality. Through his maintenance work, James also realised that lots of local landscaping firms created gardens that only lasted a season. This was because designers were filling gardens with beautiful but unsustainable plants when it came to the local environment. Therefore, James vowed to create long-lasting, sustainable gardens without relenting on colour, beauty or quality. To date, James has worked on many projects and is proud to say that all of the gardens are flourishing and remain as beautiful as the day he left them!

James also believes that a beautiful landscape should work in harmony with the local environment, so all pesticides, tree surgery, irrigation and maintenance will only be carried out by certified professionals and once a complete environmental survey has been taken.


We’re not just a fair-weathered friend

We always aim to complete a project within agreed timeframes. So we’ll be there come rain or shine!

Flora and Fauna

We carry out environmental analysis on each of our projects, ensuring that any local wildlife will not be harmed by work carried out. This helps us to judge the best tools for the job. As well as protecting the environment, when it comes to our landscaping projects our analysis also enables us to select plants that will thrive in the local environment, taking soil-type, weather, wildlife and location into account. Sustainable and Long-Lasting Materials Sweet Lily only uses the best materials on the market. We have an extensive range of materials and can source bespoke items at competitive rates. However, we are happy to work with materials provided by you.

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